Class Conduct



       As you come to class you will see that structure is very important in the training of marital arts. All students are expected to bow and say the attribute of that testing cycle when entering and leaving the room. This is a form of respect and to make us think about the attribute that we want to live by.


       If there is a class going on remember to respect those that are trying to learn and keep things quiet. Please arrive a little early and ready for class. If you are late and your class has already started wait at the back with a raised hand and ask me for permission to join class.


       When you come out onto the floor and leave the floor again bow and say the attribute.When you are in class always answer up with yes sir, no sir to show respect. During class remember all the attributes that you are learning; respect, goals, honor integrity, attitude, perseverance, and self-control. Use them and show them to everybody there in class. Remember you are here to learn and so is everyone else, so follow the directions that I give in class so everyone can achieve their goals. As your knowledge and power grows so should your self-control. I want you to learn and become powerful but this is a safe environment and we do not want to hurt each other.


       Show me and everyone else the honor and respect that is deserved and I also will show you the honor and respect that you deserve, then and only then will your class time be successful.


I've Joined Class, Now what?

Do you want to buy a uniform?  We would like you to have one so we shopped for the best deal and we pass it along to you, no profit added.


Next, you will need to decide if you would like to earn color belts and work toward a Blackbelt or even a second degree blackbelt.  If so, testing is paid by the testing period and payment is due two weeks before the testing date.  Testing periods are scheduled about 8 weeks apart.  If you are invited to test then you are ready and will almost certainly pass.  Bring friends and family to the testing.