Show off your achievments with badges

Test for the first time and wear the TKC badge of honor!

Demostrate to your instructor that you are able to do the splits. At your next testing you will be awarded with this patch.  See Patch Placement page on the MORE menu.

Miss only two classes in a testing period and be awarded with this badge at your next testing!  See the Badge placement page on the MORE menu.

This badge is awarded to those who achive their cammo belt.  Getting your cammo belt is significant beacuse it is at this point that you move from the begiiner stage to the advance stage.  Many studants will try out taekwondo, but you have shown that you have the commitment needed to one day earn your Black Belt.  See the Badge placement page on the MORE menu.

Travis and April will work with you to put together a demonstration for a group event such as a tallent show. Do this and receive this badge at your next testing!

Click the badge for information on the President's physical fitness challenge. First earn the Presidential physical fitness patch then keep working to earn the bronze, silver and gold.  You may then continue your working out and training to accomplish your platanum!  See the Badge placement page on the MORE menu.

Badge Placement

Lightning and Star Badges are earned by being a part of the president's challenge.  Click the badge to the left for more information.

The Self Defense Patch is earned by learning and demonstrating breakout techniques in our annual self defense workshop.  (lots of fun!)

Click the uniform to the left for instructions on badge placement