TKC Ninja Fit is a Travis Karate Club exclusive program modelled after the President's Challenge.  The program begins with the PALA program with healthy eating and activity recorded on paper then moves into phase two where active hours are logged right here on our website. 


Ninja Fit

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Ninja Fit Phase One

Your First challenge will be the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA) 


Make physical activity and healthy eating a part of your everyday life. Adults, your physical activity goal is 30 minutes a day, at least five days a week. If you're under 18, your goal is 1 hour. Each week, you'll also focus on a healthy eating goal. There are eight to choose from, and each week you'll add a new goal while continuing with your previous goals. Meet your physical activity and healthy eating goals for six out of eight weeks, and you'll earn an award! When you're ready to push yourself harder, move on to stage two.

Click Here to download information to get started on and complete the PALA challenge. After completing the challenge move on to phase two.  Your first activity log on phase two will be "PALA Completed" from that point forward most activities logged will be Activity Hours. 

Ninja Fit Phase Two


Aimed at adults or kids who are already physically active, Phase two is all about pushing yourself to be even more active, logging activities, and earning points as you do it. 

Students (or their parents) keep track of active hours each day.  Active hours are not hours spent walking around the store but rather hours of more strenuous activity such as TKC class hours, time spent practicing Taekwondo, practicing or playing other sports, gym class, etc. 

To log your hours you must login.  Each student must have their own login.  Once logged in you will be asked three questions.  The student's name (sure it seems redundant being that each student must have their own login, but it's needed), the activity date, and the activity hours.  Occasionally you will be instructed to select "Completed PALA," "Quiz 1" or something else, but typically it's simply active hours you will be logging. Click here to login and log activity.


Earning Badges



For fitness superstars who want to go beyond the gold, we have the Platinum Award. You’ll need to earn 1 million points. (Yes, it can be done. See Travis' letter signed by the President below.

The Pala award for eating right and starting your journey

Presidential Champions Bronze Award: 40,000 points

Presidential Champions Silver Award: 90,000 points

Presidential Champions Gold Award: 160,000 points

All who contribute to the Travis' Karate Club Group in the The Presidential Fitness program are awarded with stars for thier uniform collar.  How many points must be accumulated to earn a star?  That depends on how many are contributing.  Every 5 members must earn 50,000 points as shown in the chart to the right.

Points Required to earn an aditional star

1-5 members..........................50,000 points

6-10 members........................100,000 points

11-15 members......................150,000 points

16-20 members......................200,000 points

21-25 members......................250,000 points

26-30 members......................300,000 points



A word from the President about Travis' Accomplishment