Travis offers top quality Teak won do training.  Students learn and exersize constantly from the time class starts to the time it ends.  Belts are earned not given.


There is no contract to sign.  You are free to come and go when you like.  Those looking to obtain a blackbelt should be willing to invest 1/2 hour of class time twice a week and about 15 minutes a day for practice.  As you advance class time will inrease to 1 hour twice a week.


Students are awarded with 10 belts showing advancement in rank and badges can be earned and placed o​n student uniform for 9 additional achievements.

Fun & Friends

Christmas parties, potlucks, ice cream celebrations and more!

Private Tutoring

Need a little boost to get ready for testing?  See Travis about options, and availability.

Boost Your Resume

There is a reason that employers and society respects a black belt.  Black belts set and achieve goals, they have commitment, courtesy and respect,  They show honor to others and have earned the respect they are shown.

Black-Belt Honor

There is a reason that employers and society respects a black belt.  Black belts set and achieve goals, they have commitment, courtesy and respect,  They show honor to others and have earned the respect they are shown.

Black-Belt Honor

Travis Karate Club T-shirts and window decals are available for sale.

Show Your Club Pride

Facebook recognition, a slide show, a Black-Belt ID card, your belt on display, a certificate suitable for framing and much more!  We are proud of our Black-belts and their incredible achievement.

Your Instructor

Only Travis' Karate Club has Travis Carlson.  Travis is a goal oriented young man.  He began Taekwondo training at age 11 and set a goal to one day own his own martial arts school.  At age 14 he opened Travis' Karate Club.  Travis is a 3rd degree Black-belt.  He was awarded State Champ informs and State Champ in Weapons by the American Taekwondo Association.  He has undergone leadership training, weapons training and is self-trained in related arts.  He was recognized by President Obama for having earned the highest level of achievement in the Presidential Fitness Challenge. He is certified in CPR.  And most importantly he will be a positive influence in your and your kid's lives.

Why Choose TKC?

Avoid Becoming a Victim

Students learn valuable lessons that could save there lives.  Lessons are taught through 30 second lectures and fun in-class exercises.

Pictures & Memories

Professional photo ops by Jamie Gorby Photography are held annually.

Parents also enjoy taking pictures and posting them on Facebook.

When a student earns his/her 1st degree Black Belt they are honored with a special slideshow presentation following an award ceremony

Learn Weapons

Bo Staff  (big stick)

Eskrima Sticks  (short stick)

Ssahng Jeol Bong (Nunchukus)

Nunchuku (axe/pick)

Self Defense (escape) class

This class is held once a year and students learn to break out of trunks, handcuffs, zip ties, duct tape, rope and more.  (lots of fun, bring your friends and camera!)

CPR Class

American Heart Association CPR Training and more offered by Dean Dykstra Save a Life CPR, LLC in association with Travis' Karate Club.  

Learn to set Goals

Students learn to set goals and work hard to accomplish them.


Want to do a demonstration for a school or community talent show?  Schedule and time permitting, April and Travis will work with you on an impressive demo that showcases your skills in an entertaining and crowd pleasing demonstration.  

Second degree black-belts can occasionally be seen showcasing there skills in a similar format during testings.  Come to see and support even if your not testing.

TKC Ninja Fit

Travis' Karate Club Black-belts are physically fit as proven through regular fines test and through participation as a member of our Ninja Fit program

Confidence and Coordination 

Friends and family attest to an increase in confidence and coordination by students of Travis' Karate Club.

Self Defense (beyond Taekwondo)

Self defense is the focus of Travis' Karate Club.  We go beyond taekwondo training and include conflict avoidance, take-downs, escapes, CPR and more!

 Great value with flexible options 

Option 1:  Train free at your own pace and pay only for testing

This is our most popular plan.  Students progress at their own pace paying only when invited to test and the timing is right for them.  Some students will never chose to test and that's just fine.

Option 2:  Fast Track Value Package 

Many of our Black-belt-bound students chose this all inclusive program.  For just $350 per semester students will commit to once a week classes that will train them in everything they will need to know to advance in rank. All of the weapons and equipment will be provided for each semester.   

Option 3:  Defender Package

Just Can't get enough?  For devoted ninjas who are looking for the utmost training an added weekly class is available.  Students will learn advanced self defense techniques including take-downs and Travis will train you to become proficient in the use of traditional Korean weapons.  The cost is $350 per semester.