Karate or Taekwondo


Karate originated in Okinawa and Japan, while Tae Kwon Do was formed in Korea. Both countries began practicing their various forms of martial art early in their history. Practitioners of both Karate and Tae Kwon Do claim they were the first to originate martial art

”Karate focuses more on hand techniques and the use of legs as backup, whileTaeKwonDo brings more emphasis on a kicking style and the use of hands as its backup.

Karate was the West’s first experience with Martial Art. Somewhere along the way many began to think of all eastern fighting styles as kinds of “Karate.” So we at Travis' Karate Club have chosen to embrace this rather than to fight it.  We call ourselves Travis' Karate Club and proudly teach American Taekwondo in the style of Oakadowoo.

American Taekwondo differs from Korean Taekwondo in that we offer a more complete program by teaching about potential dangers to be prepared for and including weapons, take downs and breakout techniques.

The techniques we teach our for defending ones self and loved ones.  We are not a fight club.  Misuse of the techniques leaned in class may result in a dishonorable discharge from class your belt status may be revoked.