Thanks for your support!


Together were building the best Karate Club ever. Have you considered doing the following?





     Five Star Review Travis Karate Club on Facebook and also on Google.  (If we have room for improvement, tell us in person)


     Tell your friends


     Arrive early for class and hand out invitations


     Take the survey found on our website


     Purchase a Uniform and wear it.


     Email us pictures or videos of your student in class or practicing at home, we can post them.


     Commit to coming to class regularly


     Earn your Demo Team Badge


     Practice at home every day


     Consider working toward your Black Belt.


     Testing or not, support your fellow students by being there. Invite friends and family too!

Facebook users:


    Visit our Facebook page and click “Like”


     Re-share pictures and post from class


     Give Facebook check-in or status updates when arriving at class


     Post positive comments about the club or your student on Travis’ Karate Club Facebook page.  (we love that!)


Internet users:


    Google Travis’ Karate Club and give us kudos on sites that come up such as yellow page listings, Yelp, and Foursquare.


     Familiarize yourself with our website; specifically the Blogs & Pics and the Class Conduct portions.